3 Turkish Meals for less than $2 (Insanely Cheap)

Looking for Cheap Turkish Meals just for $2. Right?

At first, it sounds unbelievable to find Cheap Turkish Meals in such an expensive City Istanbul. Where everything is so expensive. Especially Food!

But Wait a second guys, Let me explain to you about it. You guys heard it right!

I’m here in Istanbul with a couple of my friend’s. Years ago we did a two-week road trip around Turkey and it was incredible. I’m back here and in this article we’re gonna try three Turkish dishes for under $2 each.

A little biography of Istanbul

A little biography of Istanbul
Hagia Sophia Mosque Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the central city of our world formerly known as constantinople. The city is home to the second oldest underground metro the world’s largest covered bazaar and well over 3 000 Mosques.

My favorite two Mosques are 

  ●The Hagia Sophia

  ●The blue mosque 

Which cannot be missed at over 15 million people.

Istanbul is the 15th largest city on earth and that means that there is no shortage of amazing foods to try when I was here two years back. The six lira (Turkish Currency) was equal to one dollar. 

Yeah, that was just two years ago. Now it’s terrible and 17 lira is equal to one US dollar. So, the inflation is around 160 percent so people are struggling to buy milk and to buy groceries.

Everything life is getting harder and harder in Turkey but we are trying to survive this is called Easter Cloud street. This is the most touristic and most popular park in europe’s side.

The city of Istanbul is unique in that it spans two continents, making it the only city in the world to have this geographical distinction.. So, you have the Asian side and the European side.

●The European side is way more touristy. 

●But the Asian side is more charming.

Cafes and Bars you can chill out like in your neighborhood. They’re really nice but this side is more touristic with all the sightseeings and everything. I recommend you to spend time in the boat.

Here are the 3 Cheap Turkish Meals deals / Fast food under $2

●Adana kebabs



1)Adana kebabs

Adana kebabs
Ingredients: Ground lamb meat, Ground beef meat, Red pepper flakes, Salt, Black pepper, Cumin, Onion, Garlic, Parsley

This is called durum zade (Dürümzade) and they make amazing adana kebabs. Maybe the best you can find in istanbul. Of course, and I see a big picture of Anthony Bourdain on the wall so if he approves then I’m gonna know i’m gonna approve it 100%.

The thing I love about Turkish kebabs is that they kind of make it in the window here and they have all the ingredients down below.

So you can see before they cook it and it’s also a very outside culture like you sit on these little chairs right here and drink some tea and enjoy your food.

Whoever comes here should eat two adana kebabs in one rep. So this is double adana wrap that is the key and they grill even the bread and it’s so hot. Like so fresh amazing

and juicy.

Onion tomatoes like you can feel all the taste one by one. Tomato spicy sauce and the best meat you’ve ever tasted in your life. 

Adana kebabs = $2

2) Baklava

Ingredients: Phyllo pastry sheets, Butter, Walnuts or pistachios, Sugar, Water, Lemon juice, Honey or simple syrup, Cinnamon (optional)

For the next dish coming up to you is Baklava. What’s so good about baklava is, you have layers and layers and layers. It’s like a pastry, a very sweet pastry with honey on top and pistachios mixed in the middle.

The taste is just so good & amazing. You can get it easily from sweets shops everywhere in turkey.

Baklava = $2

3) Lahmacun

Ingredients: For the dough: All-purpose flour, Active dry yeast, Salt, Sugar, Warm water

Lahmacun is a super thin bread with some grinded meat and spices on top. it’s so thin, so crispy, so tasty that’s all i need to hear.

Okay, so this is basically looks like a Turkish pizza. It’s extremely crispy. 

What’s on top of it is minced meat. It has some tomatoes some onion parsley and mint. You fold it the Turkish way to fold it. like it

Very delicious % it’s amazing. It’s light, it’s very thin and it’s like a cracker and you just have some meat and some vegetables on top. It’s like a starter kinda but it’s something so tasty.

Lahmacun = $2

A lot more tasty and interesting trips are coming next.

I really appreciate for reading this blog post. Love you all.

At the End

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