Looking for The Secret Of ITALIAN HISTORICAL SITES? If yes, then you are at the principled corner.

When I think of Italy, I think of its incredible culinary culture, idyllic coastlines and awe-inspiring nature but there’s a whole other side to this country.

I think few know about mostly in its southern region which has historically been dependent on agriculture hides. 6000 abandoned Villages ghost towns Forever Frozen in Time with the last generation.

Who still remembers life inside of them still alive?

In a journey filled with questions we hope to explore four of them each with their own story with one in particular rumored to have a mysterious man refusing to leave.

We’ll be searching for locals who remember the stories of these places in the hopes of capturing them. Before they become lost and forgotten forever to understand why these beautiful ol towns are left abandoned and what their future holds.

I brought my most easily excited friend and stranger we met on the internet three years ago. This article required a lot of research. So, we will cover couple of towns from the number 6000!!!. Can you imagine what I am imagining right now? Look at this welcome to Krakow. That’s absolutely insane. 

Our Fist ghost town in Italian historical sites

Abandoned Villages
Abandoned Villages

Our first destination was a brief stop to the famous Ghost Town the Krakow after a series of landslides, earthquakes and tough agricultural conditions in the region.

The town was slowly evacuated over time and eventually fully abandoned in 1972, when a flood worsened the already poor condition of the Town leading it to be left standing.

All alone to this day, there’s been a series of landslides and earthquakes so the town is literally falling off the cliff. So we’re here to try to understand these ITALY HISTORICAL SITES and as the last inhabitants. 

Second Village from Italian historical sites

Abandoned Town
Abandoned Town

All we found was crumbling buildings and a village lost forever as nature slowly reclaims the land. So we eagerly moved towards our second village out of four to find the mysterious man who refused to leave his town. Once everyone else abandoned it. 

Mysterious Man in Italy history culture

Hoping we would find this mysterious man we had arranged for a translator to come and help us communicate. So the first of January 2001 it took a key of a building and he entered it just occupied and he lived in that deal with the flag was the key used in the door. The man never considered leaving when other people left. He lived like that for like 20 years.

Question: I asked him how do you do with the water in the toilet? 

Answer:They say for the window just stay away from his house down the window.

Third Village at Italian Historical Sites

Wild West Town
Wild West Town

Now let’s explore some more ghost towns. Part of the Town looks kind of maintained close to the square actually around. Where he lives and another part of it looks completely destroyed like here looks like a bomb down almost during a war.

All of it has crumbled. look at this, this was an entire floor that’s falling look there’s a sink. What it feels like,  we’re in some Italian historical sites. It’s beautiful. It really feels like you’re in Italy’s historical sites but then you forget that like no one is here. It’s a ghost town this is probably quite unsafe to be on the second floor.

Considering that everything else is falling apart. I don’t know exactly how I’m feeling while I’m here. it’s like a weird feeling because you know you’re inside someone’s home but no on is here anymore. You feel how peaceful it is I think living in a city you forget what true Quiet Sounds like.

Abandoned places are usually eerie and spooky but this really feels peaceful and beautiful. IN some ways I can understand why you’d wanna stay here. And this is it and there’s no light like there’s no electricity and this is doing this the last man standing of rochino.

Dialog with mysterious man

We’re not the first to be interested in him and his story. Many people have come here and taken great photos of him that inspires me. 

How does he want to live? He decided to live like that and he stands for it. That I will take with me an amount of Freedom. It has been magnificent getting to know you…

How are you? I’ve been playing the two of you Italiano.

Can I give you a hug? Yes, Sure! It’s so nice

Fouth Village at Italian historical sites,

Ancient Ruins in Pompeii, Italy
Ancient Ruins in Pompeii, Italy

After finding and getting adopted by Our Mysterious elderly philosopher. Our fourth ghost town was one left in a rush. After an earthquake,  with much of it still standing we are one kilometer away from the next Ghost Town.

I guess we are actually leaving without him. Now we’re on the highway. I’m not gonna be able to turn around now they actually left. 

Our Fouth ghost town was set to be the most Visual and preserved of them. We were also extremely lucky to meet an old man who had been forced to leave the village many years ago, to tell us about what this town was once. 

1987 newspaper Apparently it was like a scientist to live here. this looks like some kind of

science paper dated 1984. So he was a scientist this is a big house.

Do you think?

A town like this will ever come back to life?

Do you think anyone will ever come here because it has a charm right?

Do you think anyone will ever come back here?  

Ending Thoughts;

I Want to say yes,

But it feels so abundant then the hopes and the dreams is put somewhere else. I used to Hope as well where the people live there that they’re in a good place today.

I can’t think about the people like, where they are who they are and I used to wish that they are at good place.

My thoughts

After a first town in ruin a man of resilience and a man dedicated to keeping our past alive I want to take you to our special final stop that represents hope for a better future.

We are exploring the habitable Ghost Town that is Santos Stefano. Beautiful absolutely dreamy looking ghost town that they are bringing back to life.

You can even hear around me there are literally rebuilding buildings all around us. It really feels like going back in time as we look at every every corner. You turn around, you know here they’re rebuilding and then these buildings they’ve brought back. 


After most of it was abandoned a Visionary man bought most of the village and decided to commit to making it livable. once again 117 people moved back and many of the old houses have been transformed into hotel rooms. 

Other buildings were used for restaurants and common areas and we have been very lucky to be given an Executive Suite at one of these renovated homes. I love this place yeah a place always comes with an Indescribable feeling and this article had such a peaceful one. 

I’m happy boy the country of pasta from the quiet of the area to the careful attention to detail in the rebuild. 


WE truly had an incredible final day in this Village. One of the best meals we’ve ever had was this one.. That was the best food you would have.  Thought we’d have one of the best meals ever in a ghost town. I think

the hardest part of many abandoned places is that they symbolize the loss of hope. They embody our failures and demonstrate that we’ve given up and moved on.