Top 27 Places to add to your Switzerland Itinerary

Hi everyone, I’m AbdulRaheem, and I’m excited to share with you 27 Places to add to your Switzerland Itinerary for your next trip. Switzerland is a country that has captured my heart, and I consider it one of the most beautiful, well-run, and perfect places on Earth. From charming villages to majestic mountains, Switzerland has so much to offer.

Switzerland is a country known for its stunning natural beauty, with picturesque villages nestled in the Swiss Alps and gorgeous mountain peaks towering over the landscape.

Switzerland is known for its scenic mountains, picturesque villages, and iconic experiences. One such experience is the Via Farada in the village of Murrin. It’s a popular via ferrata, a mountain climbing route with fixed iron wires, ladders, and bridges, that offers an exciting adventure for adrenaline junkies.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you my top 27 Places to add to your Switzerland Itinerary. So, let’s get started!

1. Grindelwald – A Charming Swiss Village

Grindelwald - A Charming Swiss Village
Grindelwald – A Charming Swiss Village

Grindelwald is a stunning village that I keep coming back to every time I visit Switzerland. When you think of Switzerland, Grindelwald represents the perfect image: Swiss chalets, green pastures, and mountains everywhere you look.

The village is overshadowed by the Iger mountain, which rises over 1800 meters high, making it one of the most challenging climbs in the Alps. Besides enjoying the enchanting scenery, there’s a lot to do in Grindelwald, including renting e-bikes, hiking, and enjoying the famous First Cliff Walk and Lake Copsey.

2. Harder Kulm – An Iconic Viewing Point

Harder Kulm - An Iconic Viewing Point
Harder Kulm – An Iconic Viewing Point

If you want to experience the iconic Iger Monk and Jungfrau mountains, then Harder Kulm is the perfect spot to visit. To reach the viewing point, you can take a steep funicular that costs about 35 CHF.

Once you reach the top, there’s a restaurant and incredible viewing area. You can also hike the Mountain Ridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I recommend visiting Harder Kulm during sunset, as the light creates an amazing atmosphere.

3. Zuoz – A Hidden Gem in Eastern Switzerland

Zuoz - A Hidden Gem in Eastern Switzerland
Zuoz – A Hidden Gem in Eastern Switzerland

Zuoz is located a few minutes outside of Saint Moritz and is one of the best places to experience the golden larches in the fall. The lake is the largest natural lake in the Alps above 1000 meters and offers beautiful scenery.

One of the unique features of the lake is the peninsula that extends into the lake, making it a great place to hike and explore nature.

You can also take the road along the lake’s edge and pull off at one of the rest stops to enjoy the beauty of this Alpine lake.

4. Driving through Bernina Pass

One of the most scenic routes in Switzerland is the Bernina Pass, which connects St. March to the Italian border. Driving along this road will give you a chance to witness massive mountain glaciers, and during autumn, you’ll be greeted with tons of golden arches.

One of the main reasons why many people take this route is to see the Brusio Spiral Viaduct. This unique viaduct was built in 1908 to reduce the incline gradient on the train.

The famous Bernina Express rides along this viaduct many times during the day, and visitors can walk around and under the viaduct’s nine arches as they wait for the Bernina Express to pass by.

5. Swimming in Vale Versaska

Located in the Italian region of Switzerland, Vale Versaska is famous for having a medieval bridge that goes over some of the clearest river water in the world.

The water is crystal clear, and the bridge is a prime place to do some cliff jumping. Even though the water may be cold, swimming in Vale Versaska’s freezing cold water can be energizing.

Bring some goggles, and you’ll be able to see the rocks in the river from beneath.

6. Visiting the city of Zurich

Zurich is one of the world’s largest financial centers and is often labeled as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Founded by the Romans in 15 BC, Zurich is now the most populous city in Switzerland. The city is situated at the edge of the lake, and the Limmat River runs right through it.

One of the things that make Zurich so special is the numerous places that are just an hour or two’s drive from the city. One of the favorite nearby places is Limerency, which is about an hour and a half drive from Zurich. Visitors start by taking up a cable car, and when they reach the top, they’ll go through a three-kilometer tunnel through the mountain.

After about an hour, visitors will arrive at the lake, which is a striking turquoise color surrounded by an amphitheater of mountain walls.

7. Exploring FNAF stock

FNAF stock is a giant mountain that sits above Lake Lucerne. To reach it, visitors take the steepest funicular in Europe, which will take them to the beautiful car-free village of Stews.

From there, visitors will take up two more chair lifts. Once they reach the top, they’ll have a phenomenal view of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains.

Visitors can hike to Klingenstock, which is a 4.4-kilometer trail that rides along the ridge. Once you reach Klingenstock, visitors can take the chairlift down to Stews.

8. Adventuring in Chaser Rug

Located in eastern Switzerland and about two hours drive from Zurich, Chaser Rug is a mountain peak and a ski resort in the winter. To reach the top, visitors take up a funicular and then another chairlift.

During the summer, visitors can go on hikes, and during the winter, visitors can go skiing. When visitors reach the top, they’ll be greeted with a fantastic view of the Fursten Mountain Range.

These peaks look like teeth coming out of the mountain, making it one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have in Switzerland.

9. ChaseRug: A Lake Paradise

One of the most popular destinations in Switzerland, ChaseRug is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. This rather large lake is surrounded by mountains on both sides, making it an ideal location for swimming or boating during the summer months.

One of the most interesting things about this lake is that there’s a town built on the Mountainside called Armor, which is a testament to the Swiss’s capacity to build villages and towns in the most improbable places.

10. Appenzel: A Mountain Wonderland

Located about an hour outside of Zurich, the mountains of Appenzel are a must-visit destination. The mountains are home to massive Dragon mountains that look like something straight out of Lord of the Rings.

To get up the mountain, one can take a gondola and then hike for about an hour to reach a hotel with the perfect spot to watch the sunset. There’s also a one-of-a-kind restaurant built into the side of a cliff and an incredible lake at the bottom that’s worth a visit.

11. Säntis: A Hiker’s Dream

The nearby Säntis mountain is a unique and breathtaking mountain that’s worth a hike. The hike can be started several ways, but taking the cable car from Frimson is the best way to get there. When one reaches the top, there’s a scenic mountainside restaurant that has some amazing views of Austria and Liechtenstein.

Following the trail to Säntis is not too difficult and takes about 45 minutes to reach the iconic rock formation. The mountain is uniquely shaped and offers many great viewpoints.

12. Gruyere: A Medieval Town of Cheese and Castles

The charming medieval town of Gruyere is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history and cheese. The crowning feature of Gruyere is its castle, which was built in the 13th century and stands today as one of Switzerland’s most famous fortresses.

The town is just fun to walk around, and it’s also known for being the home of the famous Gruyere cheese, one of the most popular cheeses in Switzerland.

13. Valenzi: A Lake Paradise in the Mountains

Valenzi is another stunning lake that’s worth a visit. It’s located in the mountains and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

This lake is perfect for swimming or boating during the summer months, and the mountains that surround it make for a great hiking destination.

14. Glacier 3000: A Must-Visit Mountain Area

Located about an hour from Google, Glacier 3000 is an incredible mountain area. The main reason to visit is the Peak Walk, the only peak-to-peak bridge in all of Switzerland. To get there, you’ll need to take two gondolas up, but it’s worth it for the stunning views.

If you’re lucky enough to have clear skies, you’ll get an even better view of the surrounding mountains. Right below Glacier 3000 is Crans-Montana, a gigantic bowl of mountains with several waterfalls cascading down the rock face.

The mountains in the bowl are called Delai Diablo Ray, which translates to the devil levels because of a myth that devils and demons would throw rocks off the top of the mountain. To get to the bowl, it’s about a 45-minute walk from the town of Ray, but it’s definitely worth it for the scenic and quiet surroundings.

15. Geneva: Switzerland’s Second Most Populous City

Geneva is located on the southern tip of Lake Geneva in western Switzerland. It’s Switzerland’s second most populous city after Zurich and is home to the headquarters of the United Nations, so there’s always something going on.

One of the city’s most famous landmarks is the Geneva Water Fountain, which jets out water that shoots over 140 meters high. If you want to explore more of Lake Geneva, check out the vineyards that border the lake. One of the best places to see them is near the village of Epis.

The village is full of terrace vineyards that accompany the view of the massive lake. It almost feels like you’re in France or Italy. The north shore of Lake Geneva is called the Swiss Riviera, and it’s easy to see why.

16. Oeschinen Lake: A Must-See Alpine Lake

One of the most impressive Alpine lakes in all of Switzerland is Oeschinen Lake. It’s about an hour’s drive from Interlaken, and once you get there, you can either hike up or take a cable car. When you reach the top, it’s just a short walk to the lake.

The mountain face that serves as the backdrop for the little lake is just unbelievably massive. If you go in the summertime, you can take a boat or swim in the water, but be warned, it’s cold! One of the best things to do in Oeschinen is to hike the trail that goes above the lake.

The views are just phenomenal, and there’s even a pair of pine trees that are perfectly lined up as they overlook the lake, creating a beautiful sight.

17. Faulhorn: A Hiker’s Paradise

Faulhorn is a valley surrounded by massive mountains on both sides, and it’s home to those golden larches. To get there from Oeschinen, you can take a train that you drive your car onto, and it’ll take you through the mountain.

From there, it’s just a short drive to a big parking lot. From there, you can take about a 20-minute hike and reach a little alpine lake called Gruncie. It’s so clean and clear and has an impressive backdrop of the mountains. If you’re into hiking and nature, you’ll really enjoy this place.

18. Hiking up to the Glacier

If you’re up for an adventure, hiking up to the glacier is a must-do activity. There are some beautiful mountain huts located on the way up, and the view is truly breathtaking. The Aletsch Glacier, located in the Bernese Alps, is over 23 kilometers long, making it the longest glacier in Switzerland.

The uniform dark lines of shattered rocks found here are simply fascinating. At the top, you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or hike to the cross on Eggos Horn Peak to get a panoramic view of the glacier.

19. Visiting the Idyllic Village of Lungern

Lungern is a must-visit village in Switzerland. Located in the Young Foul region, it offers a peaceful and serene environment for visitors. One of the best features of the area is its lake, which provides an excellent place to take a leisurely stroll.

The nearby village of Isenthal is also worth a visit, with its small municipality built on Lake Brands. The castle, which sits perfectly on the picturesque peninsula, is a notable feature of the city.

20. Riding the Young Foul Train

Riding the Young Foul train is an unforgettable experience. It takes you up to the top of the mountain, where you can walk through glacier tunnels carved out of ice.

The ice plateau offers an incredible view of the glacier below. While it’s an expensive trip, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s worth the cost.

21. Exploring the Magical Village of Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is possibly the most beautiful village in the world. It’s a valley of over 72 waterfalls that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s Rivendell. The village is surrounded by towering mountains, and the Staubbach Falls, which fall over 297 meters into the valley, is a magical feature.

Walking around the village and taking in all the beauty Lauterbrunnen has to offer is an experience that should not be missed.

22. Getting to Murrin

Murrin is located in the Canton of Bern, in the southwestern part of Switzerland. The closest city is Larun, which is just a few minutes’ drive down the valley.

As you make your way towards the village, you’re greeted with Swiss chalets and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

23. Via Farada Experience

The main reason to visit Murrin is to do the iconic Via Farada. You can rent gear for about $25 at the Intersport store, which will equip you with all the necessary equipment to tackle the route.

The Via Farada begins with a tunnel walk that initiates you for what’s to come. Then, you follow the path that takes you through a little forest until you get to the cliffs.

The bishop’s platform at the cliff’s edge is a highlight that gets your stomach turning. The Via Farada gets wild from here on, with the section that goes across a sheer cliff face with a thousand-foot drop right below you. But don’t worry; it’s perfectly safe as long as you’re clipped into the iron wire with your gear.

After the cliff section, you continue on the trail, and the final obstacle is the bridge that goes over a deep canyon. This was the scariest part for most visitors, as it was shaky towards the middle, and the thousand-foot-plus drop is intimidating.

However, the sense of achievement upon completion is unmatched. It takes about two hours to complete, and it’s so freaking fun!

24. Shellhorn Adventure

Another incredible place to visit in the area is Shellhorn, an iconic mountain peak above Murrin. The lift tickets cost around $125 per person and take you up several lifts through the clouds until you reach the top.

The views from the top are jaw-dropping, and you can get clear views of the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger mountains. You can also enjoy a meal in the rotating restaurant that completes a full rotation every 45 minutes.

25. Murrin: The Iconic Via Rada

Our first stop is the village of Murrin, which is located just a few minutes’ drive down the valley from Larun. This enchanting city is filled with Swiss chalets and incredible views, and the main reason to visit Murrin is to do the iconic Via Rada.

We rented gear at the Intersport store for about $25 and were all ready to go. Before starting, we walked through a tunnel, which served as a good initiation and got us pumped or nervous for what was to come. Then we followed the path, and it was pretty chill for the first bit, just walking through a little forest.

But then we got to the cliffs, and there was this bishop platform to jump into the valley below, just standing out at me, and my stomach dropped. After that, the Via Farada got a little wild, and my favorite part was the section that goes across this sheer cliff face with the thousand-foot drop right below you.

It’s perfectly safe as long as you’re clipped into the iron wire with your gear. After the cliff section, we continued on the trail, and the final obstacle was the bridge that goes over a deep canyon.

26. Schilthorn: Iconic Mountain Peak above Murrin

Another incredible place to visit in the area is Schilthorn, an iconic mountain peak above Murrin. The lift tickets were on the pricey side, around $125 a person, but it was worth it. You take up several lifts through the clouds until you reach the top.

The views are jaw-dropping up there, and you’ll get clear views of the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger mountains. You can enjoy a meal in the rotating restaurant that completes a full rotation every 45 minutes. We followed a trail that led us on the ridge, and we found some little huts to shelter from the wind. The weather conditions changed

27. Zermatt: A Charming Village Shadowed by the Daunting Matterhorn Mountain

Now for our final destination, we’re going to visit Zermatt, a charming village shadowed over by the daunting Matterhorn mountain, and there’s just something magical about this place. The city is full of shops and restaurants, as well as my favorite McDonald’s.

One thing you gotta do while you’re there is take the Gornergrat railway. It starts in Zermatt and takes you up to 3100 meters to enjoy some of the best views of the Matterhorn. We got up super early to take the first train and climbed up the mountain, and I was just baffled by the views. We got off at the Rotenboden station, and I was just so freaking excited. There are two lakes that offer


Switzerland is a stunning country with so much to offer, and I hope this blog post has given you a taste of the beauty it has to offer. From Grindelwald to Harder Kulm and Zuoz, there’s so much to explore and discover. So, pack your bags, and get ready for an adventure in 27 Places to add to your Switzerland Itinerary.